Friday, September 25, 2009

In The Beginning

So here I am.
Sitting in my dorm.
I've been here for a month and I can already call Chattanooga home. The only thing I'm missing is the love of my life.
He's an hour and a half away. It may not seem like a long distance, but I know that next year he'll be 9 hours and 33 minutes away. Thats over 605 miles. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, as I now am fully aware is true, but I can barely spend a week with out him now.
How am I to function next year when he seems so far away now?
What will I do when I can't see him every other weekend?
Months apart? It seems nearly impossible to do.
But, our love is stronger than any other love I know. He is the most important thing in my life right now and I will do anything it takes to keep him happy.

I am in love.

I love college, but I want him here with me.
On top of all this worrying, now I have to decide how to tell my mom and dad that I'm changing my major from physical therapy to theatre. Hope this goes over well. :/

Best Wishes

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