Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm Waking Up

My mornings here at college have fallen into a routine that I am comfortable with:

7:25 Hit Snooze

7:30 Hit Snooze

7:35 Climb out of bed

7:45: Leave for class in what I fell asleep in

8:05 Arrive late for class

9:00 Head to the UC to eat breakfast.. alone usually

9:15 Begin the long journey back to my dorm for some last few minutes of sleep or to finish up some homework or to go to work

Life is a blur until I actually wake up around noon

Today, I sat with a few of my friends for lunch at about 11:45. I wasn't too hungry and still wasn't FULLY awake so I decided to get some coffee to wake me up a little.

As I'm sipping and my friends are eating and small chatter is being made amongst us, I'm looking at the tables that surround us, full of strangers and familiar faces. All of them my peers. All of them with the same goal as me: an education. I'm thinking about these people in a way that I do not often catch myself thinking, but am still aware that I do constantly.

"She is too tan." "He has funny hair." "She's in that one sorority, she must be really mean." "That guy over there is sitting alone, he must not have any friends"

As I become more aware of the thoughts I am thinking and realize how much I judge these people that I don't even know. I pray to God that He will help me control my negative thoughts of people. I know that this negative part of me can disappear with His help. I want to think of every one as people. Not the girl with the orange skin or the boy with the nasty hair. I want to think of them as people with hearts and minds like mine. I want to be able to love anyone.

Thank you, Carmel Macchiato, for waking me up and opening my eyes.

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